20 June: Kerakoll came to life in Sghedoni’s garage.


Polymer Advanced® Team was established to research and study possible applications of new generation homopolymers in the building industry.


FlexTech System®, the first manufacturing engineering process to exploit the flexibilizing potential of powdered polymers, was developed, opening up new horizons for their application in the building industry.


H40 Flex®, the world’s first single-component technology adhesive, was launched, marking the progress of Italy’s ceramics industry.
PU 31®: single-component polyurethane compound for the laying of parquet on still damp substrates.


Silovil L34® was created: the first epoxy-polyurethane adhesive in Europe that freed the laying of parquet from traditional technical restrictions, and marked the development of the European hardwood floor industry. Tested with Anti-Shock System it was the only one to pass the 5th Safety-Test fatigue cycle.


Presentation of H40 Rapid®, the rapid-use version of H40 Flex®. Presentation of Silorapid®: the revolutionary bonding agent for screeds suitable for use under parquet after only 3 days rather than 6 months.


Special®, the first highly thixotropic C1 adhesive with no vertical slip for the professional laying of ceramic coverings.


Opening of the Kerakoll Study Centre, the first European professional training centre for building contractors.


H40® Marmorex, the first single-component, high-resistance professional adhesive with specific technology for the laying of permeable light coloured marbles and natural stone.


H40 range extended, H40® Tenax created: the first single-component, high-resistance professional adhesive with specific technology for the laying of glass mosaic and homogeneous tiles in swimming pools.


After 5 years of research working together with leading international ceramic tile industries, Fugabella® was invented, the new generation of single component universal grouts that changed the entire concept of cement-based grouts for floors and walls.

Silovil Flex®, the first single-component, polyurethane elastic adhesive with rapid-setting for the seam bonding of pre-assembled parquets.


BME (low elastic modulus) developed, the technology that stops patch cement layers from separating.

Keracem® Pronto, the second generation screed that guarantees the rapid laying of ceramic tiles after 24 hours and of parquet after just 5 days.


Sanabuild®, the first dehumidifying system with Microtech Technology to restore damp or salt damp walls using forced ventilation.

H40®, the revolutionary range of Kerakoll single-component adhesives. The only Safety-Test Shock Absorbing System tested range.

Silovil 3000®, the first professional 100% hazard-free and fully ecological adhesive for parquet.


The H40® range was extended with the addition of H40® Ideal, a single-component adhesive to lay ceramic tiles and large format coverings on gypsum and anhydrite substrates without having to use a primer.

HDE technology, a world first, was introduced in Valencia for the new range of Keratech® self-levelling products. HDE High Dispersing Effect is the perfect balance between superior fluidity, extended self-levelling time and ecologically compatible performance.


Presentation of Fugabella® Porcelana, the world’s first fine grout with porcelain effect which couples the ultimate in high-tech with the preciousness of porcelain.


HP (High Protection) eco-friendly technology, the ultimate in low-VOC ecologically compatible varnishes for parquet, was launched after 4 years of research during the National Wood Flooring Association, Charlotte – North Carolina Charlotte.


Biocalce was born, the world’s first green brand with a comprehensive range of natural construction materials NHL-based plaster. 

Building for Wellness established itself as the new design philosophy to safeguard health and improve the quality of life and living comfort.

Kerakoll Campus was launched, the top European institute dedicated to promoting and disseminating a modern and more advanced construction culture.


The Biocalce Restoration range was introduced at the International Restoration Exhibition in Ferrara in association with key Italian Superintendency Departments.


Kerakoll Design® was born, the new cult brand for eco-friendly solid surfaces in Cementoresina®.

The “100 Flames for Reading” installation was built at Milan’s Fuorisalone by architect Odile Decq to celebrate Mondadori’s centenary.

Biocalce insulating system presented: up to 60% energy savings with the best in living comfort at the same time.

Biocalce Colore was introduced, i.e. the natural building decoration solution designed and developed with human health and physical and mental wellbeing in mind. 


With the “Lace” installation designed by Antonio Citterio, Love York®, the contemporary collection of Cementoresina® surfaces ofr interior design, was unveiled for the first time at the Milan Fuorisalone.

Kerakoll launched the Kerakoll Green Design® colour system making it possible to produce more than 15,000 colour formulas for synthetic paints and finishes and natural mineral plasters and colour washes.

H40 Flex®, Europe’s best-selling C2E adhesive, was also the first to get international ISO 13007 certification, the first one to be EC1 certified as low TVOC and the only one with STC Surface Tension Control technology.


The new range of eco-sustainable products with Nanotech® technology for concrete restoration was introduced. Kerabuild Presto®, the first Malta&Finitura mortar, wins market success for the groundbreaking possibility it offers to modulate onsite setting time and for satisfying all types of structural and maintenance-related restoration requirements in compliance with the new EN 1504/3 regulation.

The launch of Nanoflex, the first waterproof eco-membrane certified to have low VOC emissions. Nanoflex is a friend of the environment, as the first eco-technology designed to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Designed using more than 30% recycled materials, and itself recyclable as an inert material at the end of its life, Nanoflex represents the best of low environmental impact technology.


Kerakoll became the GreenBuilding Company, the world's leading manufacturer of GreenBuilding solutions, boasting technological supremacy that is famous around the globe.


In January 2011, Kerakoll earned certification for the GreenBuilding Rating from the Societé Générale de Sourveillance (SGS), the world's leading systems and certifications monitoring body, certifying that this is a "reliable, complete, and essential measurement method for ensuring the environmental sustainability of its products as envisaged by the ECO GreenBuilding 2011".


Kerakoll launched the new anti-earthquake and structural strengthening system based using matrices made from mineral and natural geo-mortars with geo-binder and natural lime NHL base.


Fugalite Eco was released, the latest generation of vitrified grout that improves the hygiene of ceramic surfaces, certified by the French CSTB institute (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment).


Biocalce Tasciugo was created, a revolutionary natural plaster/render that breathes, transforming the humidity of the walls into vapour and depositing it outside.

BIOGESSO mangiaVOC, the first indoor wall plastering and decoration system that improves the air quality thanks to its bio-active formula that reduces the most widespread and harmful elements from inside the home: formaldehyde.