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Privacy statement pursuant to art. 13 of the Italian Personal Data Protection Law
(Legislative decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003).
In accordance with art. 13 of the Italian Personal Data Protection Law, Kerakoll Spa informs you that the information supplied voluntarily in the form you have just completed, for both the positions that you have applied for and any other positions that may become vacant now and in the future, will be handled solely in connection with the identification and selection of personnel, using paper, information technology or electronic means suitable to guarantee the security and confidentiality of said data management. To this end, the Data Controller may come into contact with data defined as sensitive under the Data Protection Law, with reference in particular to racial and/or ethnic origin and/or information regarding protected categories. This data will become known to Kerakoll only when the data subject concerned adds it to the form provided on the previous page. Any sensitive data processed will be handled in accordance with the directions laid down in the relative Information Commissioner Authorizations.
Communication: your data will be stored in our head office and handled solely by personnel expressly authorized to do so by the Data Controller, and in particular, by appropriately authorized people for the relevant areas of the organisation. Your data will only be released outside the company to companies that are either associates or subsidiaries of Kerakoll. Your data will not be distributed.
Your personal data will be kept on file by the Data Controller for a maximum of three years from the date of insertion. During this period you are entitled, at any time, to exercise your rights pursuant to art. 7 of the law, and in particular to request confirmation that the data exists, to obtain information regarding the source, the logic and the purposes for which it is being managed. You may also, under the terms of the article mentioned above, exercise your right to request updates, modifications and additions to the data, the right to cancel the data, to transform it anonymously or to block data that has been handled in violation of the law and obtain confirmation that said operations have also been brought to the knowledge of those individuals to whom your data has been communicated.
On expiry of the period of three years indicated above the data will be eliminated in a manner such as to guarantee its complete cancellation without any chance of recovery and further use by persons inside or outside the company.
We hereby inform you that the data will be controlled by Kerakoll Spa, via dell’Artigianato 9 Sassuolo (Mo), in the person of Mr. Romano Sghedoni, president and legal representative of the company.
As the data subject, you must acknowledge that you have read this privacy statement and agree to your personal data being used, sensitive data included (where added), for the purpose of potentially establishing an employment agreement with Kerakoll.