Kerakoll Awards


Kerakoll ranked number one in its field for competitiveness

Number one for people management, speed of innovation, product reputation and high standards of service.

Having customers name us as their partner is a testament of the quality of our products, services, attention to detail, reliability, efficiency and reputation.

These principles have taken Kerakoll to the very forefront of the industry for competitiveness and quality of the company’s Made in Italy strategy, a rare accreditation awarded to the small number of elite businesses that continue to generate value.

World Entrepeneur of the year Photogallery


The President of the Republic of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, presented Kerakoll with the Leonardo Italian Quality Award 2013, the most prestigious and important recognition given to an Italian business that has excelled for the high standard of its product innovation and marked international orientation.

“It fills me with great pride to have been appointed Ambassador for Italy by President Napolitano, in recognition of the essential role Kerakoll has played in making the Made in Italy brand an international success.” Gian Luca Sghedoni, Ceo Kerakoll.


The Italians award a prize to Kerakoll among the more green companies. The company won the Premio Natura 2012 in the category “Building” with the GreenBuilding Rating.


Kerakoll wins TTA Award for Best Environmental Initiative. Kerakoll’s GreenBuilding Rating and Eco Products range have been recognised as the best environmental initiative in the construction industry at the Tile Association Awards for 2011.


Legambiente names Kerakoll winner of the Green Life Award 2010 in the Sustainable Living category, developed as part of the SEE (Sustainable Energy Europe) campaign, the award is the most important national recognition in the environmental field and is aimed at that sustainable innovation stands out for its originality and potential for development.


Kerakoll won the prize from Great Place to Work Institute among the 100 companies where one works better.

In Montecarlo at the end of May, during the World Entrepreneur of the Year Award ceremony, the CEO of Kerakoll, Gian Luca Sghedoni, was awarded the prize for Best Italian Entrepreneur in the World.

Kerakoll won the Award for sustainable development promoted by the Foundation for Sustainable Development, endorsed by the President of the Republic. The award is given to organisations making a big difference to the environment, with a culture of innovation and generating a positive effect on the economy and employment.


Kerakoll CEO Gian Luca Sghedoni was named Italian winner of the “2008 Entrepreneur of the Year” award, “for having succeeded in taking Kerakoll from the top of the domestic market to being a top Italian-based business in Europe, becoming a leading European group (with an Italian soul) that is set to take on the international market”.


Kerakoll was awarded by the 2007 Italian Competitiveness Review, based on the compared financial results of the top 1,700 Italian businesses as compiled by Mediobanca:

1st for competitiveness and quality of strategy in the chemical industries rankings and 6th in the stability table.

In November 2007, Kerakoll won the “2007 Entrepreneur of the year” award, organised by the US service firm Ernst & Young. The Group CEO Gian Luca Sghedoni triumphed in the Innovation category, winning the award for dedication to creating innovative products and making constant advances in scientific research, which translate into newer, higher standards of performance and a competitive advantage capable of sustaining further growth”.


The 2006 Italian competition watchdog saw Kerakoll place 12th overall, 1st for competitiveness and quality of strategy in the industries standings, and 3rd for stability, having maintained excellent ratings over the three-year period.


Kerakoll, the only business in the sector, ranked 8th in the 2005 Italian competition watchdog.


Kerakoll ranked 21st in the 2004 Italian competition watchdog.


Kerakoll was the second-most dynamic company in Italy (+38%) for research, innovation, marketing and internationalization in Mediobanca rankings.