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Realizing the huge potential to be tapped, Romano Sghedoni started producing tile adhesive in his garage and founded Kerakoll in Sassuolo, province of Modena, at the heart of worldwide ceramic industry.


H40 Flex was invented, the world’s first single-component SAS (Shock Absorbing System) technology adhesive. This was a landmark moment for the ceramic industry as it provided a secure way of fixing single-fired materials and homogeneous slabs in high stress applications. It was also the first step on the road to success.


Kerakoll ventured into the construction industry with high-resistance laying systems for ceramic tiles and natural stone, leading the way and partnering construction companies around the world. Single-technology, BME (Low Elastic Modulus) technology was introduced, revolutionising the concept of special mortars for concrete.


Investment in Green Technology R&D rose from 15% to 50%.
Kerakoll acquired its stake in SLC and launched an industrial reorganization to change from a chemical company to an ecofriendly company. The guidelines are: in the first 5 years, cut back on solvents used by 60%; develop new ecological and water-based products; low VOC emission-certified products.


Invention of Keratech, the next generation in eco-compatible self-levelling products with HDE technology. For the first time, hypoallergenic cements with low chromium salt content are used, and are certified as having the lowest levels of volatile organic compound emissions in their category.


Kerakoll welcomes MIGRA, an eco-friendly company specializing in the recovery of the mineral residues resulting from marble processing in the quarries at Carrara (Italy).
The recycled mineral used in Kerakoll products comes from residues of other production processes, and is not extracted from new raw materials, thereby converting the large amount of energy generally required for the disposal of waste products into a useful resource that protects our ecosystem. Two hundred thousand tons of inert mineral are recycled every year.


Biocalce was introduced, the first BIO range of NHL-based mortars, plasters and paints that let buildings breath. There is a rising awareness among the general public of the risk to our health that the air inside our houses and Sick Building Syndrome pose.

Kerakoll Campus opened, Europe’s finest and most expert training academy in the development of a green culture for the building industry.


Kerakoll acquired Rankover, a company founded in 1972 in Zimella (Verona) and a leading European business in the formulation, production and development of decorative eco-coatings for sustainable building and at the cutting edge of the production of natural paint coats for historical restoration.

Joint scientific projects commenced with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre to identify the main indoor pollutants with relation to breathability and dilution of Kerakoll’s BIO range of natural materials.


Kerakoll Design was born, the new home design brand behind Cementoresina, the revolutionary, low environmental impact compound for joint-free surfaces that are perfect in eco-sustainable design.
The first Kerakoll Design Gallery showroom opened in the heart of Milan’s design district.


Construction began on the Kerakoll GreenLab, the futuristic Research Centre that encompasses nine advanced Green Technology development labs where 100 new green building researchers will be employed.
Designed and built entirely with GreenBuilding materials and technology, the Kerakoll GreenLab is one of the first examples in Europe of an industrial building with low-environmental impact, extreme living comfort, and high energy efficiency.


The launch of Nanoflex, the first waterproof eco-membrane certified to have low VOC emissions. Nanoflex is a friend of the environment, as it is the first eco-technology designed product to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Designed using more than 30% recycled materials, and itself recyclable as an inert material at the end of its life, Nanoflex represents the best of low environmental impact technology.

The laboratory for microbiology and environmental health at CSTB, the French Scientific and Technical Centre for Building, confirmed the natural antibacterial action of Kerakoll natural hydraulic lime.


Kerakoll becomes The GreenBuilding Company, the leading world manufacturer of GreenBuilding solutions, boasting a technological supremacy famous around the globe. With over 1,700 eco-friendly items and production of over 950,000 tons/year, Kerakoll is the leading manufacturer of green materials for designing, building, and living in harmony with the environment and in healthy spaces.


In January 2011, Kerakoll earned certification for the GreenBuilding Rating from the Societé Générale de Sourveillance (SGS), the world's leading systems and certifications monitoring body, certifying that this is a "reliable, complete, and essential measurement method for ensuring the environmental sustainability of its products as envisaged by the ECO GreenBuilding 2011"


Kerakoll launched the new anti-earthquake and structural strengthening system based on using matrices made from mineral and natural geo-mortars with geo-binder and natural lime NHL base.


Kerakoll has started an employment scheme for newly graduated young talents with high growth potential, using an innovative recruitment campaign called Kerakoll4talent. The aim of Kerakoll4talent is to hire and provide 5 years training for young talents to be started on a career as international managers.


The launch of Kerakoll Design House, a new interior design project for the contemporary home: cements, resins, handcrafted wood, micro-coatings, paints and glazes, all coordinated in the colours of the Warm Collection palette. Piero Lissoni is the art director of the project.


The Kerakoll GreenLab research laboratories have created H40 NO LIMITS, the first flexible and multi-purpose structural adhesive-gel base on the exclusive Kerakoll geo-binder, for perfect laying of all types of material, on all surfaces, even in extreme conditions.