Kerakoll Nel mondo


Taking Made in Italy excellence around the world

In its 40 years in the industry, Kerakoll has been so successful that it has gone from being top of the domestic market to a top Italian-based business in Europe, before also becoming a leading European group (and Italian at heart) bound for the international arena.

International expansion and an ever more global approach have certainly not eroded the longstanding Kerakoll identity. The company has remained faithful to the values that saw it rise to 1st place in the production of GreenBuilding solutions around the world with more than 1,700 items that are 100% eco-friendly.

Innovation, respect for the environment, concern for health and living comfort, and a pure wholesome approach are the defining tenets of Kerakoll.

The international dimension of the company also emerges in the makeup of our management team

In global markets, the majority of managers are selected locally, which explains why you’ll find local experts heading up our branches in USA, India, UK, Portugal, Germany and Hungary. Our intense investment policy and 12 branch operations around the world have enabled us to continue to grow and consolidate our position, the aim being to keep in close range of our markets.

Over the years, Kerakoll has carved out an extremely competitive position for the company in its benchmark markets, managing to take our standards of customer service to new levels by making sure our full product range is constantly in stock in the local market.

Large amounts of money were also invested in 2009 to improve our technical support service, our intention being to offer a standardized global support service by qualified Kerakoll Worldwide Global Service experts onsite within 24 hours of the call-out.

Kerakoll Worldwide Global Service

400 GreenBuilding Consultants
Highly professional team whose skills and knowledge are in constant development
Onsite Technical Support
Expert site visits
Technical Consultancy Service
Call Centre with 40 experts providing real-time assistance
Online technical support
24/7 web assistance
Special quick call-out service
Expert assistance onsite within 24 hours of the call