GreenBuilding Conference

GreenBuilding Conference

1st National Conference on GreenBuilding

On Saturday 20th February 2010, Kerakoll staged the first ever edition of the National Conference on GreenBuilding, entitled “Costruire Bene Conviene” (Healthy Building has its Advantages) at the Forum Monzani in Modena.

Accredited exponents from the research, building and business worlds attended the event to share their experience and opinions on the topic currently at the top of the construction worlds agenda, i.e. the new eco-compatible way of building that aims to improve indoor conditions. Indeed, in this new era, the effect the health and hygiene standards of a building can have on the health of its inhabitants is returning to the fore after being swept under the carpet.

More than ever before, GreenBuilding has become a key tool in the fight to combat climate change, cut CO2 emissions and improve the physical and psychological wellbeing of people, all of which are essential conditions in planning the sustainable socio-economic development of modern society.


Results of the study “Italians and the Green Economy”

A lot of time was spent discussing the “Italians and the Green Economy” research project, which confirmed that Italians are waking up to green considerations and adopting new sustainable lifestyles which they see as essential to safeguarding peoples health; a greater awareness was also encountered for environmental issues, which worry people just as much as unemployment and the economic recession. 

The GreenBuilding Conference also turned its attention to how green building provides an immediate and measurable way of implementing policies to protect the environment, through the GreenBuilding rating: the evaluation system for measuring and improving the environmental performance of building materials based on environmental sustainability criteria that can be measured objectively.

The event provided an opportunity to discuss for the very first time important issues such as the quality of indoor air and illnesses resulting from the Sick Building Syndrome. The scientific research project that studied how harmful indoor pollutants can be and the health benefits of breathable building systems was presented.

In modern society, “meeting current needs without jeopardizing the health of future generations” is the social responsibility of all individuals, institutions and businesses, and represents an advantage for everyone: society, state and the planet. Hence the name of the conference: “Healthy building has its advantages”.