Sostenibilità ambientale Kerakoll


A place dedicated to research and technological development in the field of natural construction materials

Built in line with the vision of the innovation, sustainability and architectural excellence group, Kerakoll GreenLab is the perfect synthesis of avant-garde technology and sustainability of materials, a place of scientific knowledge and skill.

With an investment of about 15 million euros, Kerakoll has built in Sassuolo the first service sector building in Italy to be constructed solely from sustainable solutions and materials. This cutting-edge structure is fitted out with the latest generation of equipment, covering some 7,000 square metres for 87 sustainable building engineers to work, who are split into medical scientific research, technological development, and quality control groups.

The group centralizes its research and development operations in the new Kerakoll GreenLab, focusing on green technology in particular. It is grouped into 9 advanced laboratories for the development of Green Technology. Six fundamental strategic issues studied in-depth in the Kerakoll GreenLab:

  • low environmental impact products aimed at reducing the impact of CO2,
  • study of indoor pollutants, development of natural alternative materials to cement and calculation of the breathability index

  • research on VOC emissions

  • solutions for seismic safety

  • developing solutions for thermal insulation and energy efficiency

  • acoustic laboratory for the analysis of state of the art technology

The building houses more than 1000 cutting edge instruments with some points of excellence as a Research laboratory on VOC emissions, VOC rooms configured for the indoor room of the JRC, an KlimaRoom to measure the wall system in terms of energy consumption. Thermal insulation is a central theme of Kerakoll research. Few people know that the construction industry is central to sustainability problems. The residential and commercial construction sector is responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions, a higher proportion than the transport sector. It is therefore evident that a clear energy efficiency policy in the construction sector, of both new structures and restructuring, would provide clear advantages, both to the environment and to our wallet. In this context, in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Kerakoll has designed, developed and built the first climatic chamber in Europe, KlimaRoom, which can measure the actual energy performance of a properly insulated wall. True excellence, within GreenLab.

GreenLab: statistics

  • 7,000 m2 surface area

  • 15,762 m3 volume

  • 23.75 m highest point of the building

  • 87 green building researchers

  • 9 laboratories

  • 15,000,000 € investments