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Our People

What does it mean to work for Kerakoll

Kerakoll recognizes the value of intellectual capital, seeing it as the key to achieving excellence and competitive advantage.

Talent, innovation and passion
are key factors in the success of not just single individuals but also of the company as a whole, and are the drivers of growth and development.
We have a strong moral code at Kerakoll, and this is reflected in our daily life, our business and our sensibility to our consumers’ needs. This code is the anchor of our cultural capital and practical grounding, which together represent a guarantee and source of added value for Kerakoll Innovative Group brands.

Our concern for people explains why we put so much effort and attention into the personnel selection process: we want to find people who share our mission and our values. Otherwise, it will be the company itself that will have difficulty integrating the new recruit.

Human resources in Kerakoll are a strategic part of the company’s success: our people are team-oriented, fast-thinking, young, flexible and willing to take risks

We recognize and enhance the value of our know-how and intellectual capital through skill-based policies that focus on the personal skills of individuals in managerial positions.

Our meticulous approach to professional development also means we can train managers for executive positions internally, thereby engendering a single corporate identity that makes people feel part of one single company.